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Installation Kit, Copper
RCR-1 RainChainDepot.com

This is the perfect accessory to make your rain chain installation easy and work perfectly! This reducer drops into the gutter hole (An additional sleeve is provided "just in case" for larger gutter openings). Your rain chain hangs from the bolt at the bottom. The water is directly downward onto the rain chain for maximum waterflow efficiency! Made of pure, thick copper that will age beautifully.

This product replaces the V-hook that normally comes with our rain chains.


  1. Some gutters have a hole only, no flange, spout or outlet tube. Water tends to swirl out of a hole like that, missing the rain chain. Water also sticks to the underside of the gutter, dripping off up to several feet away.
  2. Some gutters have an opening that is larger than the rain chains link or cup. In this case, a lot of waterRainChainDepot.com will miss the chain at the top. The Installation Kit directs the water onto (or into) the chain, helping it to function with maximum efficiency. 
  3. Easy to remove. Hanging the chain from the bolt at the bottom of the kit allows for easy removal and installation, and is a more secure method of attachment.

The Installation Kit looks great, too!


Hammered Square Copper Dish
with attachment loop #4298-A

This hammered copper dish is designed to be useful for many purposes! Fill it with pebbles or plant it with ground cover for a gorgeous effect! Use it indoors as a container, fruit display, or whatever else you can think of.

Just like our Hammered Copper Dish, but now in a square shape with shallow angles. Includes our patented brass loop assembly and a short length of light copper link chain to secure your rain chain. (Beware of loop imitations that easily break!)

Fabrication of this handmade dish is difficult; exact dimensions, color and surface texture may vary somewhat.  16" across, 3 1/2" high.




Hand Hammered Copper Dish
with attachment loop #3145-A

RainChainDepot.comThis variation on our popular Copper Dish is designed specifically to go with your rain chain! With a solid brass loop in the center and a section of light copper chain (included), you can easily secure your rain chain to this beautiful terminal point. Fill it with pebbles or plant it with ground cover for a gorgeous effect! Color and surface texture may vary, as each one is made RainChainDepot.comby hand.

Don't be decieved by cheap copies that simply solder the loop onto the dish. In our new patented design, the loop is screwed in from the bottom and cannot come off. 16" across, 3" high.



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